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Lead Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me - a blog post revisited

Christmas is approaching, in fact it is right around the corner. Yesterday Baby and I ran out to grab some last minute treats, and we drove by Target. Like every year, I am reminded about the incident that occurred in the chip aisle. We refer to it as the Target Meltdown. But it isn't so much the meltdown that has been the focal point of our memories but of the experience that happened afterward. And so, to commemorate, allow me to revisit the original post.

Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!

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I’ve said it before; life with a special needs child is like an E-ticket ride on a roller coaster, filled with thrilling, unusual, and sometimes expensive, ups and downs. The amusement park that houses this E-ticket contrivance is picturesquely located at Wits End, nestled precariously on a cliff overlooking a jagged rocky coastline of eddies, riptides, and whirlpools. The damp air, which is whipped to frenzy by the blustering coastal winds, can leave one soaked, and c…

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