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Every Star is Different

Today is a day of contrasts. It is a day of losses remembered, and gains unspeakably cherished. It is an anniversary, of such, emotionally enhanced by the simple fact that it is the nineteenth anniversary.

Nineteen years ago today, in fact just a few hours ago to be exact, my wife and I sat with a nurse at Thunderbird Hospital, when we learned that rather than raising our third son, we would be burying him. Brother Brigham, or Briggs as we would call him, touched this world as with an angel's kiss.

As with the seasons, 1999 became a season of introspection and change for us. Not only were we discovering the heartache we were being called to pass through with the death of Briggs, but we were also discovering that Ethan, our second son, was to be our Forever Child. So, with heavy hearts we returned one angel to Heaven, as another angel was consigned our constant companion here on earth.

Ethan, most likely, would never receive a call to serve, we believed, let alone, be given an assi…

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