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Elder Kornegay, Young Church-Service Missionary

Several months ago, a friend of ours who works at the Bishop's Storehouse - it's quite literally a grocery-store-food-bank for those in need - asked me if Ethan would ever consider serving a Young Church-Service Mission. She said he would be a great fit at the Storehouse. We spoke about it briefly, and left it at that.

A few months later she approached me and asked if I had given any more thought to Ethan serving at the Storehouse. I told her I had but had questions about the process, and was concerned that he would need a constant aide with him to keep him 1) out of trouble, and 2) on task. She told me a few others that serve there also had parent-companions.

As I continued to consider over my friends comments I felt a sweet peaceful feeling about the idea. I approached my wife, we discussed it, and I approached our Bishop. He was not familiar with the entire process, though there had been a brief training about it a few months back. He told me he would look into it, and woul…

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