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Jumping Juxtaposition

It was nearing dusk as the sound of shoes on the stairs alerted me that somebody was home. Just as the sound reached the top of the stairs, I heard that familiar voice call out, "Hi, Dad." "Hi, sweet boy," I replied, as I turned to the door, expecting the rest of our customary greeting to follow – It never came.

Whether it is coming home from his day program, or waking up early on a Saturday, Ethan’s greeting to me is always the same. He stealthily approaches, and moves beside me, until he is right, right, next to me. He then bows down – his hands straight to his side, his head just inches from mine – and waits for me to react. This isn’t normally a very long time, except on Saturday mornings when he wakes me up this way. I don’t know how long he actually stands there, because I’m asleep, but he's there, bowed next to me, until I finally sense somebody is there and wake.

At this point, when I am aware he is next to me, the ball transfers to my side of the court…

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