Travelogue concludes...

Day Four - Are we there yet?

Most people, I think, can relate to Norman Rockwell's painting "Coming and Going."

It seems like on our journeys we always look forward with such anticipation to the trip ahead and the unknown experiences that await us. When the trip is done however, we seem to loose some of that energy.

Was it because we expected too much and were let down?

Did it fulfill our wildest dreams and therefore everything that is to come hereafter will never measure up?

Why does the trip there always seem to take so long, but the trip back seem to be so short?

I suppose the real issue is not trying to figure out those questions, but rather to learn to just take joy in the journey. Forget about the trip there or the trip home, just take time to look around on the way and enjoy it as you drive.

Trust me! I am certainly aware that this is not an easy task. Traffic congestion on the road can certainly raise the blood pressure, construction zones can leave you frustrated and wanting to pull your hair out, and if we focus too far ahead we will miss those simple things in life that make it all the more meaningful, such as the sudden and drastic changes in the landscape.

I for one used to pray that the Second Coming of Christ would arrive before I had to deal with a certain somebody's arrival at puberty.

Had my prayer actually came true think of the "Firsts" I would have missed.

I would have missed doing this yesterday. . .

And then last night I would have missed having him ask if we could call Santa and ask for the Sponge Bob Square Pants 1000-sticker sticker book at Target, just before he drifted to sleep cuddling my arm while clutching his Turbo Man doll. . .

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