The Perfect Post

Each post I write, I commit (or attempt) what William Zinsser calls "an act of literature... An intimate transaction between two people, conducted on paper." One must, therefore, understand the art On Writing Well. So, I bought his book by the same title and read, all in an effort to perfect my craft. Here is what I learned: 
  1. Make every word do work.
  2. Say what can be said in many words, in few.
  3. Be yourself.
  4. Appeal to the readers ear.
  5. Leave only one provocative thought.
  6. The best points are made by either earnestness, dry understatement, or humor.
  7. Start off right.
  8. End on time.
The opening line must capture the reader immediately. Next, having more material than is necessary, the writer says only what needs to be said. He does not continue after arriving at the end. He allows the last sentence to linger in the readers ear--a quotation is exemplary. All the facts are presented, the point is made, and the exit taken.
That said, I believe I have written the perfect post, telling the story of this weekend.
You be the judge.
~ ~ ~

"Dad, I'm not naked today."

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