A Few of My Favorite Things

The arrival of spring brings with it a change in the weather; the "chill" of winter is briefly courted by a week or so of spring-like weather, which is abruptly shoved out of the way for the heat of summer, as the temperature does it's best to skyrocket into the triple digits. During those few weeks however, we enjoy very pleasant days which include mild temperatures, breezes, and occasional rains. Combined these ingredients create an atmosphere for the wonders of life to spring forth out of the grass for our edification and enjoyment.

Here's a few simple pleasures we have enjoyed during the past month...
1) Warmer temperatures mean we went from wearing long sleeve shirts ALL day, including to bed

To wearing no shirt as soon as he gets off the bus. The reason, "sweaty pits!"

2) Warmer temperatures also mean we have to take our shoes off when we get home, so our "feet don't get on fire!"

3) One Thursday while at school, Ethan was able to go to The Spot store with his Peer Tutor Taylor and because of good behavior was able to buy something with his hard earned money. He doesn't like ice cream, but his sisters do, so he bought them each a Snickers ice cream bar.

On Saturday, Taylor, who works with Morgan, commented about how sweet it was Ethan had bought her the ice cream, and asked if she enjoyed it. Morgan quickly called home to tell us Ethan had bought ice cream at school two days ago and it may still be in his backpack. IT WAS! Luckily, the wrapper was sturdy. No harm no foul. Thanks Buddy, it's always the thought that counts!

4) Our neighbors across the street broke out their basketball hoop so they too could enjoy the nice change in the weather and shoot a few baskets.

Today, Ethan got home from school, abruptly took off his shirt, and went up stairs, drew back the blinds and grabbed the stool. When asked what he was doing, he simply said he was waiting for the neighbors to get home and play basketball. He watched for over an hour. They never showed, but the blinds are still pulled back and he continues to check every so often to see if they've arrived home yet.
5) We have two new missionaries in our ward, Elders Halligan (he's been mentioned before) and Bruegger. Elder Bruegger is from Florida, and is a favorite of Ethan's. Why, you might ask? First because his first name is also Ethan. And so, Ethan lovingly calls him Elder Ethan, and insists on giving him a hug whenever he is over.

Secondly, Ethan loves Elder Bruegger because he is very much like Michael both in personality and physique.

Just a few days ago, Evie was going through some pictures of Michael and our Christmas video from Skype. Ethan walked in and saw them on the computer screen. He stood behind Evie, then leaned forward and put his arms around her neck and said, "Mom, I miss my big brother, I miss Michael...Mom, I'm going to pray to ask God to give me my big brother back." Evie told him we can't ask that because Michael was so happy in the Philippines. Ethan replied, "He's already been gone a long time, how many more days until Michael comes home?" Evie said 15 months.

She reminded him that he would be 17 years old when Michael came back. She then asked him if he remembered when we talked about that when Michael first left. He said nothing, he just stood there watching the video, then his eyes started to water and his voice cracked as he tried to speak. Evie gave him a big hug. He watched for a few more minutes then walked away.

Along with the warmer weather, spring also brings tender mercies in the form of Elder Bruegger to soften the blow of a tender heart that misses his big brother!!

6) We still struggle with the occasional pillow issues, but we seem to be heading in the right direction. One night Ethan was left to sleep with a stack of small blankets in lieu of a pillow because of such an incident. The next morning he awoke and announced he had a dream about Cameron Diaz, and she wasn't naked. He then told my wife that he was going to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him not be naked anymore. He knelt down and acted like he was saying his prayers.

This went on for several minutes at the side of his bed. He got up went downstairs and knelt again at the sofa. He didn't move for nearly five minutes. As my wife watched something seemed out-of-place, yet oddly familiar. It was in how he knelt, and held his hands, but she couldn't quite make it out.

As he concluded his prayer, he sat back, crossed himself, and said, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen."

That did it! Ethan was reenacting the scene in The Sound of Music where Fraulein Maria was praying for the von Trapp children.
"God bless the captain. God bless Liesl and Friedrich. God bless Louisa, Brigitta, Marta and little Gretl. And I forgot the other boy. What's his name? Well, God bless what's-his-name..."
Thank you Maria, your example has seemed to help. We haven't experienced any pillow issues for quite some time.
So, there you have it, a random list of the special things that have gone on around here with the change in the weather. These aren't the same as bright copper kettles or warm woolen mittens or snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes. Nevertheless, as the silver white winter melts into spring, "These are a few of MY favorite things!"

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