Dog Days

The "dog days" (diēs caniculārēs) of summer are upon us! To say it is hot outside would be an understatement, but to say the thermostat is set on Hell, now that would be closer to the mark!

We recently passed the one year mark on Michael's missionary calendar. He is officially half way through. 365 days seem more manageable to Ethan than what 700 days had been. We have had our occasional issues where Ethan has seemed overwhelmed by Michael's absence, but unlike the scorching heat this month, those moments passed with nearly as little fanfare as our local Fourth of July fireworks display.

In the back of my mind, as I have monitored his coping with Michael's absence, I have wondered how Ethan will be when Morgan leaves for school in September... Will it be more difficult because it will mean two people are absent, or will it simply be worse because it is Morgan, his big sister. I'm pretty certain Morgan will have a difficult time without her Ethan. Absent will be her "I love that kid" comments while she adoringly watches his antics, like brushing his teeth while wearing his Ironman mask.

The middle of September will most certainly bring with it a much needed change in the weather; the dog days giving way to the crisping air and rustling leaves of Autumn. I just wonder what changes are in store for us when Morgan goes off to college. The exchange that took place this afternoon in the kitchen between Ethan and my wife might give us a glimpse.
Mom, where is everyone? Where's the rest of us?

Dad is at work and Emma went to work with Morgan.
Why aren't we all together? I want us to be together, all of us: Dad, mom, me, Emma, Morgan, and Michael. All of us at home. That's the way it should be...

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