This semester is almost over, and we recently received a progress report on Morgan's STIM 657 class. I am happy to report she is doing great, and was honored as an
Individual who shares an undiminished identity, who puts aside fear and exclusiveness and adapt to reach a commonality of goals to create a place where you are treated as a whole despite differences, where you gain a sense of competence, learn tolerance and hold pride for oneself, each other, the community and throughout life...
Ethan’s 1st period teacher nominated her for the award. Here is an excerpt of the nomination proposal:
Morgan is one of the most caring students I have ever come into contact with. She is her brother's peer tutor in 1st hour...She is always there for him helping him. She goes out of her way to always help her little brother...If I could find an award that said, 'World's Best Sister,' I would get it for her. I grew up with a special needs sister and I just love to see someone else who goes out of the way for their special needs sibling. It just melts my heart. Morgan is beyond a model student...and she should be recognized for that.

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