Great question?

I for one am doin' great! What more could one person possibly ask for?

No, I mean it, what?

Today was pretty much like every other day around here. In fact it was soooo much like all the other days around here the only thing that made it different was this one little inconvenience.

It all started at 9:19:53 when I received the following text from my wife.

'Uh, ya, Ethan just swallowed the little basketball . . . '

That text was then followed up by a phone call.

'...Ya, the little basketball!  Sorry, Ethan says the mini basketball!'

'Is he okay?'

'The nurse had me make sure he could breathe, and swallow food, which he can.'

'Good. How do you know he swallowed it?'

'I noticed he started choking and hitting himself in the chest. I asked him what was wrong and he said he swallowed the little, sorry mini, basketball.'

'So what do we do now?'

'The nurse said we need to check his poop in six hours and then every time he poops for 7 days.'

'Do we have plenty of gloves?'


'And if we don't find it?'

'We have to take him for x-rays . . . '

'...great, and probably have it surgically removed!


'Does he know we have to check his poop?'

'I told him. You should have heard me trying to tell the nurse why a 15-year-old had a mini basketball in his mouth?'

'I'm sure she was wondering, "15 years old, what the..?"'

'I think she got it, she was nice...'

'Let's hope he doesn't do this again.'

'He says mini basketballs taste disgusting.'

As this conversation was occurring, my mind was also racing, thinking about what exactly all of this will entail. Those thoughts then caused me to think of this movie scene, which pretty much sums up our day year!

ENJOY!! :)

P.S.  We'll let you know when we find the mini basketball!

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