Seasonal Changes . . .

Life around this house has been anything but standard recently. Not only has our second year of high school brought with it new challenges and a new curriculum, but also the onslaught of puberty has added a new dimension to our old-fashioned challenges.
That seasonal foray of hormones typically brings with it the expected mood swings, growth spurts, oppositional challenges, and lively conversations. But they say, ‘Anything which affects the normal brain affects the neurologically impaired brain much greater.’
I think the title of a recent blog post by Debi Taylor says it all: Autism + Puberty = Oh, Crap!
Debi further wrote,
…I thought I had it in the bag. Easy – whiny, emotional, easily irritated, overreacting to things – then a smooth ride until the following month. Of course boys are different, but when you add precocious puberty with a splash of Autism you get an interesting cocktail.
So, we have begun experiencing several of the issues discussed in Debi’s blog. Rather then go into detail about what exactly is happening around here I can sum it up by telling you that deep-pressure-hug-therapy sessions can start with head-butts – no fear, I’ve made a note to myself to defend against those from now on!
The dichotomy that fascinates me, and keeps me hopeful, is that hidden somewhere in that fifteen-year-old hormone raging adolescent body is the innocent six-year-old-like mind of an autistic boy. Though we face new challenges now in both coping and dealing with the issues puberty brings, we still have the blessing of experiencing those innocent moments when the heavens open and we chance glimpses into his innocent mind! And for those precious moments I’ll take all the head-butts offered! Here are just a few recent Ethanisms…
While speaking to his mom, Ethan expressed concern that Michael was going to move out of the house.
‘Mom, I don’t want Michael to be a man with a mustache, I want him to be a boy at home.’
Here’s my favorite.
‘Mom, Did you know my spirit was in heaven?’
Yes it was,’ my wife responded.
‘Yeah, just like in the Pagemaster!’

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