Ordination Day

"Holding the Aaronic Priesthood carries with it the obligation of being a good example, with clean thoughts and proper behavior."

Upon turning sixteen, Ethan, having met with the Bishop was approved to be ordained a Priest. With that comes the responsibility to assist more fully in administering the bread and water of the sacrament, as he will now be able to bless (say the prayer over) those emblems before they are passed to the congregation.

It was a simple event, his name was presented by the Bishop to the congregation for approval, a sustaining vote was taken, and then following the meeting he was ordained. 

Rather then write in detail about the day they say a picture tells a thousand words. So I'll simply post two pictures which I think tell far more...

Grandpa E, Elder Halligan, Elder Bruegger, Ethan, me, Bishop Bentz

"No big deal, I'm a Priest now..."

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