Sixteen Candles!

It is official Ethan is 16!

For his birthday we went to Castles N Coasters to enjoy the day...

It started off with golf...


Then there was...

1) MoKo's broken iPhone 4... over by a Go Kart after falling out of her pocket

2) Splashdown log ride,

3) Mom and Dad trying furiously to keep Ethan's glasses dry, then clean, then cleaned some more, then cleaned again,

4) Desert Storm roller coaster,

5) A very-motion-sick-Dad,

6) The lovely spin-you-in-circles-frontways-and-backways Magic Carpet ride (aka: vomitorium),

7) A grateful Ethan when Moko showed up to join him, and a relived me having received a reprieve from experiencing the Magic,

8) A 120 foot plunge on the Sky Diver with Ethan joyfully repeating the lines, "Oh, this is bad, this is very, very bad!... I've got a bad feeling about this..."

9) Me opening my eyes in utter relief to see I was back on the ground, and Ethan still holding my death grip on his hand, so he didn't feel scared!!!

10) A nice ice cold Coke for Ethan

11) Me, with Ashley, having been volunteered to join her for her first (my second) time on the Sky Diver-life-flashes-before-your-eyes death plunge!

12) The Skywire zip-line, with Ethan (alone) zipping from tower to tower with nary a care in the world!

13) And last but not least, time with two of his best friends, Amy and MoKo!

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