Below is a picture of another recent object of Ethan's attention. While taking Morgan to school, we were sitting in the hotel room and I was watching him. Ethan was slowly putting these small Lego pieces together. He had a large collection of these pieces in a ziplock bag, and he would pick one up, connect it to another, then reach for a third, fourth, etc. and join them with the others, until he made this small object. However, as he picked up a new one from the bag, I noticed that he seemed to have some sense that there was a particular place for this exact piece. It wouldn't just be attached to the end, it had a place somewhere in the group. Each piece he picked up was dealt with in the same manner; whether on the end, three from the right, right in the middle, or half-way to the left, each piece had a very particular position. 

He had a pattern in mind!

Do you see it? 

Can you see the pattern?

I didn't either, so I asked him, "Ethan why did you put these like this?" 

He robotically said, "I don't know," as he shrugged his shoulders, which meant he didn't understand my far too complex question.

"Is there a pattern?"

He then looked at me bewildered, and I could almost read his mind, "Really, are you kidding me? That's a stupid question..." Then he spoke, "Dad, the alphabet."

"Alphabet? What are you...HOLY COW! Are you kidding me!"

There it was, as plain as day. They are alphabetical according to their color. Beginning from left to right we have black, black, blue, brown, grey, grey, green, green, green, orange, purple, red, red, white, white (clear), yellow, yellow!"

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