Ethan's Bucket List - another glimpse behind the veil

In January Ethan came home with an assignment from school - a bucket list. In class he had been asked to write down the fifty things he wanted to accomplish in life. So he did. Here is what he wants to accomplish in life.
  1. Go to Disneyland
  2. Go to Disney World
  3. Go to Downtown Disney
  4. Go to Disney World Resort
  5. Go to Universal Studios
  6. Go to Universal Orlando Resort
  7. Go to Universal Orlando
  8. Go to Legoland
  9. Be on my own
  10. Travel to 10 different places
  11. Go on an airplane again
  12. Have one million dollars
  13. Buying something
  14. Buying toys
  15. Buying dolls
  16. Buying movies
  17. Watch movies
  18. Go to stores
  19. Go shopping
  20. Go to restaurants
  21. Meet the Disney Characters
  22. Meet the Universal Studio Characters
  23. Go to Nickelodeon
  24. Meet the Nickelodeon characters
  25. Go to Warner Bros, and meet the WBC
  26. Go home
  27. Meet Spongebob Squarepants
  28. Meet Buzz Lightyear
  29. Meet the Disney Princesses
  30. Meet Snow White
  31. Meet Cinderella
  32. Meet Aurora
  33. Meet Pocahontas
  34. Meet Belle
  35. Meet Mulan
  36. Meet Rapunzel
  37. Meet Anna
  38. Meet Ariel
  39. Meet Tiana
  40. Meet Merida
  41. Meet Jasmine
  42. Watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman
  43. Go to Harkins Theaters
  44. Meet all the characters from Toy Story
  45. Meet all the Looney Tunes characters from W.B. 
  46. Meet all the Toy Story toys, and A.F. collection.
  47. Meet Michael Jordan
  48. Meet all the athletes movie stars
  49. Play basketball with Michael Jordan
  50. Meet Babe Ruth
Some of these are quite interesting, such as #9 and #26. Then there was #50. When he and I discussed the list I asked him if he knew Babe Ruth was dead. That fact didn't seem to bother him, so he matter-of-factly pointed out that he wanted to meet Babe Ruth.

Okay, no problem, I thought. No need to burst a bubble. I didn't even approach the whole imaginary characters discussion. In our world Imagination and Reality coexists, and are often so well blended that it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins.

Several days later he approached me and asked me for his list. I gave it to him and he quickly put it back in his backpack. 

He then replied, "Dad, I can't meet Babe Ruth. He's dead."

    "Oh, who will you meet instead?"

"All the Toy Story characters."

    "Perfect," I thought.

"Dad, what is languish?"

    "Languish? Where did you hear that?"

"Dad, languish means die, I don't want to languish. I don't want to die."

    "Where did you hear the word languish?"

"Charlotte's Web."

Then I remembered, Charlotte, the spider (in case you don't know the story) told Wilbur that she was languishing right before she died.

Just as quickly as that conversation came to life, the subject changed and Ethan proudly announced he was going to dream, "about the Disney Princesses."

"You do that," I smiled, "Have fun!"


Today, while going through his backpack, I found the Bucket List. When I glanced over it I saw that there were three changes made.

10. Travel to 10  11 different places

Not sure what those ten places are, but there must be another one that is impressive enough to have him add it on.

On number 42 he had placed a giant checkmark. Task completed! He saw that movie with Grandma last month.

Then I came to the end. 

It was priceless. 

It simply read,

50. Meet Babe Ruth Julia Winter.


Sorry Great Bambino, even if you do have a candy bar named after you. Girl's are far cuter than old baseball players!

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