What's On Your Mind....

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the mind of a child with autism? Around here it is a rare treat to actually get a glimpse inside Ethan's mind. Normally it is movie quotes, and memorized phrases. When we are in the heart of a meltdown then we step it up a notch and go straight for ugly words usually of the four letter kind. But there are those sweet moments when a breeze blows by and tousles the veil and we get a peek inside his innocent mind.

Several years ago I moved from a Blackberry to an iPhone. Ethan loved the Blackberry, so I gave it to him so he could play with it. His favorite pastime was typing things into the memo app. Occasionally while he would be playing with the phone he would ask, "Mom, how do you spell...?" She would spell it for him. Occasionally we would ask him why he needed to spell that particular word. His reply was normally, "I don't know," and he was back to typing in the phone.

Well, we knew he had a lot of things typed into the phone, but we didn't quite know how many things, until recently. Follow the link to see a complete list, unedited, as he typed them, including his own abbreviations, with his own occasional side commentary.

My favorite is #840.

Which is your favorite?

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