Storms - a Paul Harvey reprise

An early spring storm had blown into town, bringing with it the gloom of gray skies. Cooler temperatures cut the unseasonable heat from the week earlier; thunder claps replaced the buzz of untimely air conditioning units. Wind gusts danced a steady rain across the concrete and asphalt, while moments of hail were interspersed with one moment of peace. Confined in the house by the inclement weather, I walked down the hall to check on Ethan. He was playing in his room as I peeked in to see him sitting on his brother’s bed. The blinds were drawn open, and he sat before the window. Leaning forward, resting his chin on his propped up hand, he gazed out the window, watching, mesmerized, by the rain drops that danced and splashed against the glass.

Struck by the scene my mind reflected on the tranquility of it all. I captured the moment with my camera then sat down to capture, as best I could in my limited poetic way, the moment in words.

As he watched the rain I couldn’t help but feel grateful that at least there was something that brought him relief from the constant yoke of Autism—even if it is only temporary.

Within the hour the clouds cleared to reveal a double rainbow. With a renewed vigor Ethan jumped from the bed and ran to get my wife and me.

‘Everyone, look a rainbow!’ he cried as he ran into our room.

He darted off again only to return instantly with the same declaration. As we moved towards the window his next exclamation brought us as much pleasure as the rain and rainbow brought him.
'Dad, I feel a song coming on!' 
 And now you know, 'The rest of the story!'

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