Halloween = Red Power Ranger!

About two weeks before Halloween Ethan began working on this costume. It was actually the same costume he wore the past two years, with only slight modifications. 

For those two weeks most of his time was spent making his helmet. Seriously, everybody knows the helmet is the most significant piece of the costume. The helmet consisted of a halloween mask, and a roll of red duct tape that he used to encase the entire mask into a full-fledged helmet. If you look closely below, you can see the buildup around the mask. 

With that being said, all the effort on his helmet did not stop him from focusing in on the other little details, like the need for a turtle neck shirt, his Transmorpher belt buckle, boots (aka socks that he tucked his pants into), and a red long sleeve shirt to cover up the white long sleeve turtle neck that was then used to make up for the fact his Power Ranger shirt is short sleeved!


After gathering the majority of his essentials, he laid out his costume as is customarily done, on Michael's bed. 

(If you are wondering where the mattress went, it is not a pretty story. Be warned! Without us knowing, one night Ethan woke up, sick to his stomach, and vomited Hot Pockets and ketchup all over his bed. He cleaned himself up without saying a thing, then went back to sleep in Michael's bed, leaving the mattress to stew. By the time we found it the next morning, to quote Ray Stevens, "it was too late!" We hosed it off, put it out in the garage, and donated it to the bulk trash pickup two weeks later!)
So, as you can see having his costume line out like he does is quite creepy. Especially in the early morning when we would go to wake him up and forget that his costume was laying out on the bed like a dead body at a crime scene! 

Here he is in the finished product, "boots" and all, and he couldn't be prouder!

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