HAPPY 100th!

HAPPY 100th!

No, not in birthdays, though some days we feel like itOut of the Grass - The Musings of a Special Needs Family has just published its 100th post - and you're reading it! 

Since our first therapeutic post about living in a special needs family (May 2009), to our most read post (April 2010), until today we've had over 21,000 hits. We presently enjoy 44 followers and a myriad of shadowy-cyber-stalkers who read without following - you know who you are! =)

We have received wonderful comments from as far east as London and as far south as Brazil, and have avid readers in Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, the Carolinas, Florida, Virginia, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and California, to name a few. Additionally we have been featured on LDS Ability - LDS Disability Resources, we participate in an LDS Disability discussion group on Yahoo, an LDS Disability Facebook group, and we were asked to participate in reviewing a style-guide for the LDS.org Disability Resources page. Some people follow us on Facebook, a few more on Twitter, where we even get an occasional retweet - Thanks * emz *! We were pleased to have featured seven of the best guest posts you've ever read, and, to let you in on a little secret, we might even be appearing in a magazine here shortly, but we'll keep you up to date on that as we get final confirmation.

And for all that we...


To help us celebrate this milestone we have a simple request: 
Please post a comment!
YES even you, you shadowy-cyber-stalker you 
If you've ever laughed, cried, giggled, were aghast, offended, bewildered, inspired, or touched, by something you read here, we would love to hear from you - you can even do it anonymously, if you prefer!
Just write something.
It could be a word, a sentence, a paragraph, it doesn't matter, just post a comment and help us, as well as all our readers, CELEBRATE by knowing your thoughts!
As we are far from perfect in learning what autism has to teach us, rest assured we will be around for at least another millennia worth of experiences to write about. We hope you will too, and we hope you will enjoy the ride, as we hang on for the E-Ticket ride of a lifetime.

THANKS AGAIN for your support!!

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